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22 Mar

3 Key Reasons Why You Should Implement Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is one of the longest running, most supported, large user-based ERP software products in the marketplace today. Originally managed by the hugely successful entrepreneur Doug Burgum, GP has been the cornerstone of mid-market ERP for over 23 years. There are many reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics GP as your ERP solution. 1.

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31 Jan

Is Microsoft Dynamics GP the QuickBooks Alternative For You?

Microsoft Dynamics GP was named the top QuickBooks alternative by a recent study from Finding Accounting Software. The number of companies making the shift from QuickBooks to to Dynamics was high across the board in multiple industries. The study was based on the reviews of over 4,000 reviews from consumers in different industries. Percentage of buyers

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25 Jan

How To Simplify Sales Order Processing in Microsoft Dynamics GP

  Simplify your Sales Order Processing with this one simple solution An often-overlooked option is to add comments to SOP Documents in order to print additional information on the document. Which will print on the document without additional effort. As an additional plus, default comments can be set for each SOP type used allowing for

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18 Jan

Highlighting the Popular New Features of GP 2016

With year-end procedures in full gear, Microsoft has released Dynamics GP 2016 R2, the latest in the Dynamics GP series. This year, they’ve done something a little bit different by combining the year-end update for GP 2016 with the R2 service pack, meaning that if you’re using GP 2016, they are one and the same

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05 Jan

How Can Microsoft Dynamics GP Balance Your Business Goals and Risk Management?

As the business evolves, so, too, do the roles for CFOs. When asked which areas are most important for increasing finance officers’ contributions to their companies’ success, respondents chose a deeper external knowledge of industries and markets, as well as a stronger understanding of their own businesses, ranking them as highly as they do sophisticated

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20 Dec

Benefits of Dynamics GP for Not-for-Profit Organizations

The not for profit community has been utilizing Dynamics GP with great success for many years. Microsoft Dynamics GP has proven to be easy to integrate and continues to grow in its features and functionality as new versions of GP are released.  The addition of different user licensing types also allows for a more cost

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13 Dec

How Can Better Reporting with Dynamics GP Help You Grow in 2017?

Businesses today need technology that helps them work more efficiently. However, small and midsize businesses need to spend their limited budgets where it would do the most good, which puts them between a rock and a hard place with technology. Many companies reach a tipping point where the very tools and systems that supported their

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06 Dec

Why Distribution Companies Should Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP Software

There are software solutions specifically designed for distribution companies. They may be rich in industry features but many are not also strong in financial features. Surely your distribution company needs a solution that is strong in both areas. That is why we recommend Microsoft Dynamics GP for distribution companies. Microsoft Dynamics GP has proven itself

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30 Nov

Why is Microsoft Dynamics GP a Trusted Solution for Your Business?

Run your business and delight your customers with the tools you need to increase insight, grow sales, manage your financials, and stay compliant. Microsoft business management solutions go beyond simple integration with Microsoft productivity tools like Outlook, Word, and Excel. With a single sign-on you can access your business applications from within Office and share

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