Monthly Archives: October 2016

26 Oct

Professional Services Tools Library

All too often users find themselves wishing: Wishing they could reverse a previous setup decision or make a simple change to an employee name in payroll when they married or divorced; wishing they could change a customer/vendor name or ID because ownership changed; wishing they could combine GL account information into a new account number.

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21 Oct

How Microsoft Dynamics GP Improves The Quality of Your Data

The most important information that exists is “your data.” Timely and meaningful information is the foundation for effective functioning of any organization. Given the critical role that financial statements play, it is imperative that efforts are made to improve their quality and to understand their purpose (and limitations) in providing a comprehensive view of an

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17 Oct

SafePay Setup Tips for Microsoft Dynamics GP

 SafePay creates a file you can send to your bank detailing the checks/and or EFTs you have created during a given time period, so the bank can match that up to what tries to clear your account. In doing so, you can address any discrepancies.  It is an excellent security measure for avoiding theft. Before

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07 Oct

Payables EFT with Dynamics GP

Sending Payables EFT payments by electronic funds transfer (EFT) is becoming increasingly popular. It’s popular for several reasons: Reduces opportunity for fraud Reduces expense for check stock and printing/mailing supplies Reduces the amount of time related to processing payments Payees generally like it better   There are three steps to take if you want to implement

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